About United Home Brands

Our Mission

UHB is a full-scale product innovation and development company based in Northern California. Our mission – and passion – is to design and develop new technologies and associated products that meet both the metrics of various industry partners and the needs of real world customers.

Intellectual Property Portfolio Overview

Since our founding, our goal has been to leverage our in-house research and development capabilities to create novel, useful, and highly marketable products. We have proudly developed an extensive portfolio of patented and patent pending technologies across products sectors spanning several consumer goods categories through highly-disruptive medical technologies.

Our Approach

The key to UHB’s development and commercialization success? Our multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, sourcing experts and marketing professionals apply an integrated approach that considers manufacturing, and potential distribution outlets to develop innovative designs with the end user in mind. Our model has proven successful, both domestically and internationally, with a fortified international supply chain and worldwide sales and distribution.

Future Growth

UHB has been fortunate in successfully developing and commercializing technologies and products, and is continuing to move forward with industry partners to achieve mutually beneficial business goals.